Monday, May 5, 2008

Cheryl at Women's Conference

Last week was Women's Conference at BYU. Cheryl was a volunteer at one of the stations that gave the sisters an opportunity to make blankets for small children. This is her second year helping out with the conference. I personally think that she is the best looking attendee on campus.

Here Cheryl is with my sister, Annie (Kairle Ann Oaks), on the right and our neighbor, Jan, on the left, who were also volunteers at Women's Conference. They look like they are having way too much fun to consider this an active of service. Ah, just looking at those brick halls makes me want to head back to BYU to kowtow to a couple of professors and take a few finals. NOT!!!!!!


Susan, Susie, Suz said...

Of course she's gorgeous and happy! She's in Zion!

And at Women's Conference!

I refuse to be happy until I get Cheryl's life!

Martha said...

Hi Radmalls! It's the Birks from across the world! I got your blog from Harmons. Ours is private but I can email you an invite. Hope all is well! Cute pictures of Sister Radmall!

Luana said...

Hi Karl and Cheryl,
I found Kurt's blog on my nephew Devan's blog and from there found yours. So cool. I love seeing the blogs of everyone I know. I will be sure to keep checking in and see how your family is doing. Grandpa and grandma huh? Isn't it just the best best thing ever?

Jan Hornberger said...

Cheryl - I found this from Luana. What fun. Women's conference was great! You were so wonderful like always!

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